$30M in Prize Pools coming to the ZED RUN community

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Key Points

  • Guaranteed prize pools in cryptocurrency PlayChip (PLA ERC20)

  • Participating stable owners in ZED RUN racing events to receive a share of 2.5B PlayChip (PLA ~US$30M) in prize pools

  • Pony Run to sponsor thousands of special racing events within ZED RUN

Virtually Human Studio (VHS), creators of ZED RUN, have partnered with Pony Run, an ambitious third-party developer building an interoperable gaming experience that extends the utility of ZED RUN by offering thousands of special racing events per year, each with a pledged token prize pool. VHS’s collaboration with Pony Run forms an integral part of the company’s series of strategic partnerships alongside Atari and Stella Artois.

Pony Run will sponsor special racing events that will inject an estimated US$30M into ZED RUN’s community over a three-year period by committing a minimum of 2.5B PlayChip (PLA ERC20) tokens in prize pools. Allocation of the PLA tokens will drive unprecedented value directly to stable owners who actively participate within the ZED RUN ecosystem, enabling them to enter and win PlayChips in addition to current Ethereum prize pools.

Launching exclusively with ZED RUN, Pony Run creates new opportunities for stable owners to enter their racehorses in special racing events. By participating in these events, ZED RUN stable owners will earn PLA from the guaranteed prize pool on offer.

Utilizing the PLA token to power the Pony Run platform will not only bolster value for the ZED RUN ecosystem, but also for the PlayChip community and its holders, who have been waiting for a special project to launch PLA into the community. Pony Run has plans for a swap pairing, however in the meantime PLA is available right now via Bittrex or HitBTC.

Jane Morgan, Playchip’s spokesperson says: “The PlayChip was built with a vision to be a universal gaming token and it is exciting to know it is being adopted by innovation leaders, Pony Run and ZED RUN. NFT digital horse racing, ownership, and breeding is such a great concept that will drive years of new business, product innovation, and spin-offs. It is little wonder the ZED RUN ecosystem has gained instant attention and is rapidly growing inside and outside the crypto space. PlayChip being selected and built into the next phase of development to facilitate and supercharge community growth is powerful news for PlayChip holders''

Pony Run's token economics are designed with Defi first principles, which ultimately enable users to stake, yield a return, and trade on decentralized exchange protocols such as Uniswap. The unification between ZED RUN and Pony Run demonstrates the positive influence that non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) can have on resurrecting traditional tokens. Pony Run is backed by some very influential gaming executives including sports and data innovator Todd Buckingham, who oversees the world-leading wagering technology company BetMakers.

Todd Buckingham commented: “I have followed the team behind ZED RUN since its inception. It is great to see the traction they have received. The sports and entertainment space is moving at a rapid speed. The NFT space is certainly an area I am keeping a close eye on and it is evident the impact that ZED RUN has created is substantial.

Ted Gay, an advisor for Virtually Human Studio, comments: “We are thrilled to partner with Pony Run to bring big prize pools into ZED RUN and to continue to build value to our community and ecosystem. We are also excited to support an independent token economy project like PlayChip leading innovation in the sports and entertainment space.”


About Pony Run

Pony Run is a third-party developer, building an interoperable gaming experience that is underpinned by PlayChip’s cutting-edge token (PLA ERC20). Pony Run extends its gaming experience within ZED RUN through the sponsorship of annual special racing events, each with a pledged token prize pool for participating stable owners.


About PlayChip

The ‘PlayChip’ is a universal gaming token that sits at the center of an incentivized, blockchain enabled, sports community, and gaming ecosystem. It provides a degree of control and security in a manner not seen before in online gaming and is designed to be secure, scalable, and fun, as well as include features, to incorporate fairness into PlayChip transactions. Holders of the PlayChip will be able to seamlessly transact between the various platforms accepting the token, allowing it to become the gaming token of choice globally. The vision of PlayChip is to unite the US$3 trillion global gaming market with crypto emergence and innovation.


About Virtually Human Studio (VHS)

Our mission at Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is to uncover what the future of entertainment can do for humanity. VHS’s goal is to keep people emotionally engaged through immersive digital entertainment. We use emerging technologies in gaming, sports, and mixed reality to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world. Our flagship game, ZED RUN, was one of the first of its kind created on the blockchain. Through ZED RUN, users can create a legacy by building a star-studded digital stable of winning racehorses.


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